President’s Message

President’s Welcome to CFUW Nepean 2023-2024

Well begun is half done  –  I quote my mother  –  and last year we had just begun to come out of our COVID way of doing things.  We did begin well, and we are perhaps at least half done on our way back to preCOVID ways.

What returns have we made?  Lunching Out is back, as our tours of the National Gallery. Some of our bridge games are in person, and certainly most of our general meetings were held at Bells Corners United. Well begun to say goodbye to COVID indeed.

Return to “normal” is still considered for other interest groups. Book Club will continue to meet on Zoom, as will Travel Talk. Our executive meetings were, and might still be, on Zoom.

Perhaps Zoom is here to stay. The convenience of such meetings in the bad weather of winter, and for those who have trouble getting out and about, must be considered.

Whatever the case might be, I welcome you to the 2023-24 year of CFUW Nepean and thank you for your work, your friendship, your commitment and your advice.  Let us move ahead together, prepared to deal with the changes that will come, anticipating another great year, following the advice of Shakespeare in Romeo and Juliet, Act 2, Scene 3  –  Wisely and slow. They stumble that move fast.

Stay safe.


Joan Conrod, President, CFUW Nepean