Where Do Advocacy Issues Come From?

  • A local need in your community that has been brought to your attention (e.g. your local women’s shelter does not have enough beds for the women and children who need it).
  • A concern elsewhere(e.g. widespread homelessness in Canada fuelled by poverty and the lack of adequate social housing and mental health supports).
  • Requests from CFUW National or Provincial Council which come via email with template letters or suggested actions through the CFUW Week in Review, or CFUW News and Updates.

CFUW has a long history of advocating for a better world for women and girls. CFUW has worked on issues including women’s health, disarmament, equality and human rights, education, and violence against women. Our advocacy includes letter writing; meetings with legislators; and special events such as public meetings.

CFUW Nepean members work on local issues; and support CFUW Ontario Council on provincial issues, and CFUW National Office on national and international issues. Our advocacy is always based on policies, which have been approved by our members