Program for 2021-2022

General meetings for September- November will take place in person and on Zoom (unless otherwise determined by Ottawa Public Health) on Tuesdays at Bells Corners United Church, 3955 Old Richmond Rd from 1 – 3 pm.

September 14 @ 1 pm
Registration Meeting – $110 membership dues for the year. Cheques made out to ‘CFUW Nepean’ can be sent to:
Dolores Dufresne, 119 Dalecroft Cres., Nepean, ON K2G 5V8.

Speaker James Powell – The 1930s – depression, unemployment, soup kitchens, and the birth control trial.

October 5 @ 1 pm
Archeologists Stephen Jarrett and Becky Remmer discuss the discoveries excavated prior to the renovations on Parliament Hill.

November 2 @ 1 pm
Laurie Brown from the War Museum will discuss the lives of men and women during the wars through artifacts and letters.

December 7 @ 1 pm
Holiday Trivia Event – location to be determined.

January 11 (Zoom) @ 1 pm
Amber Laurie from the Atlantic Maritime Museum will discuss the Halifax Explosion which occurred in Dec 1917.

February 1 (Zoom) @ 1 pm
Canon Lawyer Sr Louise Charbonneau will discuss the lives of Sr Elizabeth Bruyère and the Sisters of Charity who worked with the poor and the sick.

March 1 (Zoom) @ 1 pm
Resolutions Discussion.
International Women’s Day Event

April 5
CFUW Nepean Spring Scholarship Fundraiser special event. Guests are welcome.
Writer Valerie Knowles, will discuss the life of Senator Cairine Wilson
Location and meeting details TBD pending COVID-19 restrictions.
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May 3 @ noon – Annual General Meeting
Diana Pepall will discuss the Code Breaking Unit in Sandy Hill during WW11
Location and meeting details TBD pending COVID-19 restrictions.

Speaker Series (Zoom only)

October 20 @ 7 pm
Unsilencing Non-State Torture – Jeanne Sarson & Linda MacDonald, authors of Women Unsilenced: Our Refusal to Let Torturer-Traffickers Win.

January 19 @ 7 pm
Teach for Canada – to be confirmed

March 23 @ 7 pm
Identity manipulation, impersonation, and deepfakes on the Internet – Suzie Dunn from Halifax